Don’t Sell Out. Opt Out

Last week I quit my job and said yes to a life of new possibilities. I can’t wait to share all the details with you this week in an upcoming post. The experience inspired me to work on a video project on what I see ahead for all of us. When I say “Don’t sell out” it has nothing to do with accepting or quitting a 9 to 5 job. It’s all about saying yes to possibilities instead of saying yes to only one possibility.

And instead of opting into the epidemic of Creatives being 2x at risk for traditional unemployment, I’m opting into a new future where such employment is only one strategy available to us.

Lead Through The Foggy Maze You Already Navigated Yourself
The most ingenuous, most creative marketing campaigns are the ones that are so simple in idea, yet so profound in impact. It’s stirring. It makes us think. It makes us angry. Or exhilarated. It makes us want to do something at that moment of impact. But most importantly, it advertises a service we already need. Like public transportation.

Sweet Chaos

Noise, noise, noise. Life these days is so filled up with busy noise, of children, husbands, house, TV, or just things around us. Sometimes I feel suffocated by the noises and want to escape for just a moment. I get desperate to just have some silence. To have a space to myself that I can sit and think for a few minutes without interruption. To have some feeling of peace.

Well, a few days ago, I got the chance to have that time. I was on a plane for several hours by myself. The plane was especially quiet. I had read my magazine and was just sitting looking out the window when I realized that something didn’t feel right, like I was missing something.

And of course I was. My family. I really missed them and their NOISE.

I realized that even though my life feels crazy sometimes, I love the beautiful sweet chaos around me. I just hope I can remember that feeling when they’re driving me nuts!

The Split: Exciting Things Happening at Your Favorite Blog (No, I mean this one)

My friends, the time has come. The Freelance Rider has gotten bigger than my britches.

So, based on some very good advice, it’s time to separate my blog from my business website.

The blog will be moving to in the very near future. I’ll set up a redirect from this page and, in general, make it as easy and seamless as possible, but please bear with me if there are any technical glitches in the process.

Of course, all of the wonderful content that you see will be migrating, as well, and you can still count on the same insightful posts that you’ve come to expect. I’m also going to start featuring guest posts, so get those pencils ready.

I’m really excited about the move, and I think that giving the blog its own space will help it grow even more. It’ll also give me a chance to do a few awesome things that I’ve been wanting to do, like a members’ only cage fight arena! Or maybe that was my other other website…

So, here’s the fun part for you guys: user feedback!

Save $2.44 a Day For a (Comfortable) Week Abroad

When I was growing up, my family went through financial lows and highs, and I never felt rich or poor. I grew up in a large house nestled on a few acres of woods in Georgia that my parents bought when property and building a house was extremely reasonable.

Even in financial pinches, my Dad was always a sharp investor and paid for most things in cash. Money was often unpredictable, and I learned not to depend on it always being there. And I also learned I didn’t need money to have the kind of lifestyle I wanted.

Money was just a tool to me, and if that tool wasn’t available, I just found another one to use.

Travel was also free and plentiful, no matter our financial standing. The two were not mutually exclusive, or even related. My Dad (and one of my brothers) are pilots and we always flew stand-by in any extra seats for free. From an early age, we learned that a vacation started with a 4:00 a.m. wake-up call to hop the first flight out, and the game of “Lifeboat”, or “Who’s Going on This Flight if There Aren’t Enough Seats?”

How to Travel 50 Days a Year With a Full Time Job

I was recently interviewed by a personal finance site on how to how to maximize travel time even with a full time job. When the interviewer asked me how many vacation days I will have taken between 2009 to 2010, including weekends and any days the office was closed for holidays, I realized it was 50.

50 days! In one year I traveled 50 days while holding down a full-time job, freelance projects as a travel writer, and still had a social life at the same time. Had someone presented this idea to me, I would have thought it was impossible in regards to both time and money. But I did it. Here’s how the days broke out:

  • 3 days in January to see my in-laws in Cleveland over Martin Luther King Day weekend. No time off work needed.
  • 3 day weekend in April for our anniversary in Lake Placid, 1 vacation day taken.
  • 3 day weekend in April to go to Boston, 1 personal day taken.
  • 11 days at the end of May and beginning of June for Iceland and Norway. I used 6 days vacation days, and received 1 day off for Memorial Day Weekend, plus 4 weekend days.
  • 2 day weekend in Maine, no time taken off of work.