11 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Lobsters

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Lobsters. We don’t think about them nearly enough. Seriously. We might see them randomly at the zoo. Actually, it’s not that random to see a lobster at the zoo, they are inside the aquarium building. Right by all the other sea-marine-fishy type things.

Sometimes we see lobsters at the grocery store and it turns into the following conversation with my 8-year-old daughter crying:

8yo: “Mom, why can’t we free all the lobsters?”

Me: “Because it would cost me $21 a pound to do so and there are like at least 40 of those suckers in there honey. Plus, where would we put them? You know the dog will want to eat them.”

Other than those two scenarios above, Lobsters just aren’t something you think about too much when you live where we live. It’s not like we live in a coastal town and have a lobster population, let alone an industry built around it.

Instead of beating myself up over not knowing enough about lobsters, I’ve decided to just research as many lobster facts as I could find. And by “research” I would just like to clarify that means randomly copying + pasting as many lobster facts as I could before getting distracted and finding something else to do.

Here we go: 11 Random Fun Facts About Lobsters

Fun Random Lobster Fact #1: Lobsters were once considered only to be suitable as food to feed the very poor and prisoners.

Fun Random Lobster Fact #2: Lobsters can be left or right-handed. Their claws are not equal and one is more dominant.

Fun Random Lobster Fact #3: Lobsters can live to be 100 years old. If you had a pet lobster, he might live longer than you.

Fun Random Lobster Fact #4: Lobsters have poor eyesight. They don’t wear glasses. Nor clothes for that matter.

Fun Random Lobster Fact #5: Lobsters will drown if in freshwater. There goes my hope for keeping them in a pond in my backyard.

Fun Random Lobster Fact #6: Lobsters have inspired famous artists.

Pablo Picasso has a painting called¬†The still life with cat and lobster.¬†Other artists too, but I don’t have all day to write about lobster facts and Picasso is easiest to pronounce and spell in a hurry.

Random Lobster Fact #7: Becoming a lobster boat captain can the same amount of time it takes to become a lawyer or doctor. Most places require a minimum of two years of apprenticeship, necessary permits and a long waiting list that can go beyond 10 years.

Fun Random Lobster Fact #8: Most lobsters are not red. What? Yes, really. They are not red until you cook them. In the wild they are a more brown/greenish/earthy color or even blue – it is the process of cooking that makes them appear red, as all the other colors break down from the heat.

Random Lobster Fact #9: Female Lobsters must molt their shells in order to mate. After mating, she will grow back a new one.

Random Lobster Fact #10: They taste with their legs.

Random Lobster Fact #11: Lobsters can regenerate lost limbs. It takes 5 years, but that’s pretty cool.

Okay, that’s about all I can handle on lobster facts. Learning totally random useless things is fun and writing about it makes it all the more fun.

What do you know about lobsters? I’m sure it’s more than I do, so please share any thoughts or wtf random factoids below.

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