You’re probably wondering what a site called BestofStupid.com is really all about + what kind of crazy person would even be writing for it.

I’m Chelle and I started Best of Stupid in 2008. This site was the second blog I ever built, and at the time I really just wanted a place where I could write about whatever stupid stuff I felt like writing about.

I let the site go for several years – I’m not sure who even owned it between 2009-2022. Did I sell it? Did I let the domain expire? I have no idea what happened, but I didn’t have the site anymore.

Until now! Last weekend I was feeling nostalgic and out of curiosity typed BestofStupid.com into my browser. When nothing came up I ran over to NameCheap.com (my favorite place to buy domains because I am a cheapskate web developer!) and sure enough, it was available!

So while yes, best of stupid IS kind of a dumb name for a blog, it was also the second site I ever built and so it has a lot of sentimental value for me.

I am super excited to get this blog back to its former glory – and of course, having 14 years of web development + blogging since this blog was first born I am sure it will be a lot better than it was!

What is this site about?

Y’know, I’m not really sure yet myself. But here are some categories I’m working on:

Tech Geekery – Anything related to tech, coding, web development, blogging. I will definitely be making some memes just for web developers, bloggers + seo.

Crazy Stuff I Find for Sale: I have been classically trained in the art of shopping at flea markets + yard sales and I love all things vintage, kitschy + cute.

Books, Music, Movies: I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I love books and music. I especially love books with interesting + unusual titles.

Crazy Cat Lady Tales: I am undeniably a crazy cat lady. While most people would be horrified to know we have 10 cats, our vet actually asked if we’d be willing to adopt more. The homeless cat population is a big problem in our area – I’ll put some links + resources for how you can help cats on this site soon!

Whatever I Feel Like: If it’s weird, crazy, funny, interesting, helpful, useful or clever I’ll probably write about it.

Sponsored Posts: This actually was a huge hit on the original site – I would create oddball + funny content for brands. It will be awhile before I will find any sponsors (who is advertising on a site with zero traffic?) – but that kind of content is a blast to create.

What You Won’t Find on This Site

Badly Written Poetry: While I may post the occasional haiku or some parody songs on this new site, you’ll have to go my website WriteBadPoetry.com to read my horrible poetry.

Anything Too Serious: The domain name is “Best of Stupid” after all.

Know something I should write about? Want to be in an interview? You can email me anytime at hello@bestofstupid.com.

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