An Ongoing List of Invention Ideas

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Everybody gets ideas for things to invent. I’ve been making a running list in my Workflowy for years and some of them are great, some of them are terrible, some of them I find quite hilarious.

I thought I’d share that list here, and update it as I think of more things to invent. If you love any of these ideas let me know and I’ll see if I can maybe make them happen!

And of course, feel free to steal any of these ideas if you like. After all, what do they say? An idea is only as good as whoever executes it? I don’t know. But whatever. I probably won’t get around to all these things anyway.

If you do invent any of these things, let me know about it will you? Maybe send me one for free? Buy me lunch?

A Pen That Says Don’t Steal This Pen – If you’ve worked in any kind of office or retail environment, you know people will steal your pen. Writing don’t steal this pen on the pen itself probably won’t help, but it’d make for a good pen for your collection anyways.

Ice Scraper in the Shape of a Tropical Palm Tree – you know, something to make you wish it was not winter while you scrape the ice off your car.

Steadiness Wins the Race Board Game: Something like Candyland but the gamepieces include sloth, tortoise, snail, and a jar of molasses. Whoever gets to the goal first loses.

Life lessons from a potato – illustrated poster + book set. You can actually learn a lot from a potato!

Gross stuff anti-theft deterrent system – a mat that you put down over items in car or in your bag to make ppl not want to steal your stuff. This idea was inspired while we were in a parking lot in a high-crime area and I looked around for the nearest thing I could find to cover up the stuff we had in the car – this just so happened to be my husband’s unmentionables from his swim bag. You could do all kinds of ideas of weird things that would be sure to keep people away.

There is more, I will add more – but for now – you’ve got some dumb crazy ideas I hope you run with + make a zillion dollars from it + do great things for the world.

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