Burglar Uses ID to Break Into Houses

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For months now, many people in one of our local Pittsburgh community Facebook groups have been concerned about ongoing burglaries in their neighborhoods. So when I read that the Police finally caught the burglar on WPXI, I was glad to hear they finally found the person.

What I did not expect, and of course could not wait to share here on Best of Stupid once I learned the details – is that this person used their ID to open the doors to the houses they were breaking into.

When the alleged thief got their car stuck while out robbing houses, the police asked to see their ID and since they were using it to break into houses, the ID was pretty beat up. What’s remarkable is the thief actually told the police they used the ID to open doors when the police asked why it was in such bad shape.

Not surprisingly, after a burglary was reported in the area the same day, the police made the connection and the person was arrested.

While telling the police you use your ID to open doors is surely not the wisest decision if you don’t want to get caught as a thief, using your ID itself is a pretty dumb move too – what if someone would have caught it on camera? You don’t have an old gift card that would have worked just as well?

What do you think? What are your thoughts? And of course, the real question: Would you call this identity theft? Tell me in the comments below!

And remember, stay smart friends, don’t steal stuff in the first place. 🙂

Read the Post-Gazette Article: Squirrel Hill man caught stuck in the mud, and stuck with a string of home burglaries

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