Molly The Fancy Poodle vs Cocoa The Crazy Doodle

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I would like you to meet Molly the Fancy Poodle.

Molly The Fancy Poodle
I created her one day when I was thinking about the word boutique. For some reason, when I heard the word “Boutique” that day, it made me think of a very fancy poodle named Molly. I thought she would be fun to draw.

If Molly the poodle looks a little rough around the edges for a very fancy poodle, it’s because she was very roughly sketched in Photoshop using my built-in laptop mousepad.

Have you ever tried drawing in Photoshop with nothing but the mousepad? It’s like trying to sign your name on one of those card-slidey-thing-machines they have at stores when you checkout…except you don’t even get a pen. There’s zero control with a laptop mousepad.

While I suppose I could have used my iPad + Apple Pencil + Procreate, I actually really rather like Molly the Fancy poodle just as she is. I might have used the shape tool to make the center of her bow a perfect circle.

Molly is not like our not-so-fancy labradoodle Cocoa. Cocoa is crazy. She is not refined or dignified in any way. She likes to bark at EVERYTHING. Everybody on our street knows her name. (That’s not a good thing!) Here is Cocoa at the beach with sand all over her mouth.

Cocoa The Crazy Poodle
Cocoa The Crazy Doodle

Cocoa co-stars in my husband’s videos on his YouTube channel. Ray has tried letting her run the camera a few times but she’s not very good at that.

I very much like making badly illustrated drawings, so I’m excited to kick off what will be the first of many terrible drawings to be posted here at And I’m sure you’ll see more of Cocoa too, she’s crazy.

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