Some Early Photos From the Original Best of Stupid Website

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Today I thought it’d be fun to share some of the old photos I was able to salvage off the WayBackMachine from when I first originally started

The photos are teeny tiny unfortunately because back in 2008 we didn’t use big photos online – 300 pixels was usually plenty big enough!

Antique Tables Made Daily

Antique Tables Made Daily

We were driving on a back road in the middle of nowhere mountains of Virginia when I saw this storefront and snapped a picture. I loved it because antiques are like 100 years old – you can’t just “make” them daily.

It’s actually a pretty darn clever name for a reproduction furniture business though! If you’re in the Virginia area, I highly recommend you go check them out – they’ve got some pretty awesome stuff.

Visit Antique Tables Made Daily

Giant Gorilla

In our other travels through the great state of Virginia, we stumbled across a gigantic Gorilla.

Giant Gorilla

I had to do some research, but his name is “Hugh Mongous” and belongs to the Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

No Swearing in Virgina Beach

Virginia Beach No Swearing
Virginia Beach No Swearing Sign

It used to be a $250 fine if you swore in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It’s still not clear to me whether they successfully were able to repeal the law or not. This article by NPR was the only one I could find on the matter.

That Time a Drunk Dude Drove Over My Brother’s Car

Brother Robs Parked Car

My brother had his car parked in his driveway when a drunk person in a f150 drove right on top of it. The car was definitely totaled after that but at least no one was hurt. Don’t drink + drive!

Gas Stations That Don’t Use Decimals


Am I the only one who is bothered by gas station signs not using decimals? While we all probably know they mean $2.50 and $250 it drives me crazy anytime I see that.

Please Enter Where?


This was a sign on a door at a restaurant by our house. Where do they want us to enter? The window? The wall? There is no other entrance to the building. They might mean you immediately go to the right once you’re inside but the arrow + placement of the sign is confusing.

The Bathroom Phone


Remember when hotels used to have phones in the bathroom so business travelers could still take calls? This was at some hotel we stayed at, though can’t remember where and I always thought it was pretty weird.

There may be some others, but these were the ones that were most memorable from the days this blog was still in its infancy. Fortunately, my camera has gotten a lot better over the years and I’m a lot better at blogging so hopefully, we’ll have lots of more new great photos to come!

I dunno, are these even funny or are they just stupid? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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